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Our speciality is that we have developed our own method in digitizing that is very helpful for production in time. We make use of less trims and close point connection. This helps the machine in running smooth and fast. Moreover, we are experts in all levels of digitizing. We can undertake from simple text to hard level graphic. Also, We can digitize human faces to animal faces with their best looks, facial and hair effects. We provide digitization of machines and vehicles such as JCC, bulldozers, cars, bikes and machines with complete detailed effects.

What is our speciality?

We have a responsive and responsible team that can be easily connected and always available to resolve your queries in minimal time.
Also our team is highly experienced in the domain of embroidery digitizing and capable of meeting the exact requirements of the clients.

Our Team

Based in Pune (Maharashtra, India), Sure Embroidery Digitizing Services started its business operations in the year 1998.
We have immense experience in embroidery digitizing as we have worked for embroider and screen printer,
apparel industry and promotional product industry.


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The Core Team

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